shake it out

He’s got a tough, tough, tough decision to make. Yup, I’m talking about the president of the free world. He’s already proposed a limited military action strike (in Syria) to Congress, and now needs to wait & see if they approve of it. Does it end there? You would think it does, but unfortunately it really doesn’t even BEGIN to end there. 

If Congress does not approve of his proposal, does he still proceed with the limited military strike? If he does go against the majority, it definitely would not be the first time he’s gone ahead with the unpopular course of action (think ObamaCare). 

Then there’s the other possible scenario where Congress does approve of the strike. What happens after that? Will Assad really just sit back and accept the strike without at least trying to put up a fight? Resist? Maybe even retaliate? He’s used the sarin on civilians, who’s to say he won’t use it on the people who are coming into his country and trying to undermine him? There are a million variables to consider, and Obama’s got a decision to make (part of which hinges on how Congress votes). 

Underlying all this talk, I think, is the very fresh experience of Iraq for the American citizens. They’re worried that when the government (or Obama for that matter) says “limited military strike”, it would not exactly be “limited”. It’s been a whole decade since the US’ very unpopular occupation of Iraq, and there still are American troops over there. I think the people are worried that this strike could lead to another long drawn-out occupation (perhaps?) that is going to claim many many more lives and use up a lot more precious resources. 

Some ask, hasn’t Obama considered other alternatives? He says he has, but they have only been “constructive criticism” at best. None have been proposed to him which he thinks is fully ready to be implemented. 

I think now I understand why he gets a house (a huge white one), many cars, a Camp David, planes and jets, vacations and pretty much everything else, along with the job. It is payment (duh!), from the American people to him, for all the monumentally difficult decisions he has to make during his time in office. Decisions which some people are sure to oppose, decisions which could ultimately prove to be the wrong one and decisions that people are going to use to call for his head.