“answer me, 199…

“answer me, 1994”

I’ve been in a funk lately. Like really, really deep in a funk. I call it the Reply Funk. 

I don’t even know where to begin. And I don’t know what I’ll do when it’s over. AARGHH

So, there’s this korean drama titled Reply/Answer Me 1994. I’m not entirely sure exactly what about it has got me hooked, but it sure has got me good.

Can’t go a day without rewatching some of my favourite episodes, can’t go a few hours without plugging in my earphones to listen to the songs from the show, HELL I can’t even go a few minutes without getting attacked by my ~feels~ for this show. :<

It sounds like I’m complaining right? Like I hate it for making me such a mess? Quite the opposite really; I LOVE IT. 

It drives me nuts, because like I said, IT CONSUMES ME. But..I LOVE EVERY SINGLE BIT OF IT.

This is a very self-indulgent post, I know. I’ve been away far too long. I’ll do better next time, Universe. HEH


Answer Me, Oppa

mookie says it best. I ❤ Oppa-ya


***Spoilers from the latest epis, BE WARNED.***

This is a new sensation in my decades of drama fiendom.   A flashback from a happy moment of my life.  Snorkeling, snorting in sea water, in the company of sea turtles, and a lot of Nemo’s pals ie many Dollys, looking up as I am sinking into a magical pool of blue, flickering of sun darting on the surface and my heart dancing along.  I am in between floating and sinking and letting my every pore, every cell assimilate in its new happy place, I forgot breathing, or the notion snorting in sea water is not what nostrils are for, I can taste the salty liquid in the back of my nose, my throat.  SO HAPPY.

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